Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DC: Give a Hand to Girls Rock! DC

Girls Rock! is an international movement to empower young girls with self-confidence and new skills in an inclusive, creative space. I only wish I had a Girls Rock camp near me growing up!! 

The DC chapter is starting to organize for their fourth camp this summer! Do you have any instruments to donate? What's a skill you can share? Can you sponsor camp scholarships or help fundraise? Want to be roadie? Who doesn't want to be a counselor and guide the girls through their week at camp and the camper band showcase??? You don't necessarily have to be a musician or female-bodied to volunteer, they need a multitude of resources and assistance. Get involved with Girls Rock! DC here.

They are also moving equipment storage spaces, come lend a hand THIS Saturday! More info on that and future events on the GR!DC Events Calendar. 

Girls Rock! DC Band Camp Showcase

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